Thursday, October 23, 2014

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Harry's School Performance Evening

Friday night was Harry's school performance evening and his class performed Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen).  Harry was one of the three vocalists and did a great job.  We are so proud of him!

Great mates - Sam, Harry & Jack

Vocalists - George, Teo & Harry

Jack & Harry

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Harry's Special Friend

Harry and Veronica have been special friends since she was his first teacher at school when he was five years old.  Sadly she has been teaching at an international school in China for two years but she is visiting NZ at the moment and got to spend some special time together.  We won't see her again for a another two years unfortunately :(

Harry's 14th Birthday

Rather than a birth DAY, Harry's had a birth FORTNIGHT.  It started off in Taupo in a motel on our way down to Palmy.  We stayed with Malcolm, Deborah, Ruth, Sophia & Bridgid for a few nights so for Harry's birthday we went to the Genghis Khan.  Deborah made a lovely birthday cake too!  On our way home to Auckland we managed to catch up with Miriam and Tony in Taupo for lunch.

Back in Auckland Harry had a party with his friends today.  We all met at home first then headed off to Jump for a two hour trampoline extravaganza!  This was followed by lunch at Carl's Junior.  Next we headed home for a play in the park, some video games and MORE birthday cake.

Harry says it's the best birthday he's ever had!

Girls Day Out

Georgia and I had a Girls Day in the holidays.  We got haircuts together, did a bit of shopping and had lunch at the divine Little & Friday in Newmarket.  Georgia had a HUGE donut! We have to do this again SOON.

Good Friends, Good Times

It was so wonderful to have Tony, Paula and Matthew staying with us in the school holidays.  The weather was just about as bad as it could get which meant we spent most of our time indoors although we did manage to visit the Viaduct, Wynyard Quarter, Achillies Point lookout and then have lunch outside at Cafe on Kohi.  We may have also squeezed in a teeny bit of shopping! We just wish they could have stayed longer!

The Best Mother's Day Yet

This year was the best Mother's Day I've had that I can recall.  I got a couple of presents from the kids but it was their cards that brought a tear to my eye.  The weather was a bit dodgy but we managed a lovely (but longer than anticipated) walk around the Orakei Basin.  Thank goodness the cafe at Kings Plant Barn was at the end so we could rest our weary feet!