Saturday, November 22, 2008

Harry's Big Day Out

Harry went on a trip today to Parakai Springs. We dropped him off at the organiser's place (Kerrie) at 10am this morning and Harry gave her a big hug because he hadn't seen her in a few weeks. When Karl picked Harry up again at 6pm Harry was a very tired little boy with slightly sunkissed cheeks despite a hat and loads of sunblock. He tells us he went down the waterslide a million times and loved his first ever taste of sour cream and chives chippies!

He's going to sleep well tonight unlike Georgia who has her friend Bethany here for a sleepover. No doubt they'll play in G's room for hours, watch a DVD on a laptop and then talk til all hours. Just what every 10 year old girl loves to do!

While Harry was on his trip today G had her swimming lesson and I finally managed to buy 'The Onedine Line Series Two' after waiting months for a 20% off DVD sale at Whitcoulls and saving up $35 worth of discount vouchers. The result was a $79.99 boxset for $29.99!

While out an about I noticed the new Singstar ABBA for Playstation 2 has been released - hope Santa buys it for me!

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Deborah said...

If he does (and he bloody well should), then roll on the 27th! Actually, roll on the 27th no matter what - I'm looking forward to seeing you all.