Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Karl's in hospital

Georgia and I dropped Karl off at hospital at 9am today for some minor surgery. He was pretty nervous but was whisked away by a very friendly looking nurse so I suspect he is going to be better looked after there than he is at home! By 1pm he was out of recovery and back in his room but sound asleep. The kids and I called into see him about 5:30pm and he was apparently feeling quite dizzy and sore and definitely looked a strange tinge of yellow! Still, he's got his own room, his own nurse, a TV, nintendo DS, Blackberry, cooked meals and no kids so I don't feel THAT sorry for him! If all goes well he will come home tomorrow but there is a possibility of one more night if necessary. I'm picking he's hoping for the latter ....

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Deborah said...

Oh! Will try to call... and now, feck! feeling wretched because we have just realised that we missed K's b'day, tho M is convinced that it's in December.