Tuesday, December 16, 2008


The school prize giving assembly has just finished and the very proud parents were there to see Georgia awarded Excellence in Information Technology and Reading! Here is what was read out as the presentation was made:

In Information Technology Georgia has been a Digikid. She has created various projects including slideshows, comics and eBooks. Georgia regularly supports both peers and teachers teaching them to apply new IT skills. Georgia has also created and maintained her own blog, 'Georgialicious' and posts to it regularly. Her blog posts are amusing and well laid out; she has a regular readership. In Reading Georgia is reading well above her chronological age, and shows insight, comprehension and the ability to analyse and discuss books she has read. She reads avidly and with great enjoyment, choosing from a variety of genres.


Deborah said...

Wretched over achiever! Where did she get that from?

Belinda said...

Look who's talking!