Friday, December 26, 2008

Xmas Day 2008

We had a very quiet Xmas Day - just the four of us at home. Georgia woke up first (at 5:45am) and promptly woke up the rest of us so by 6am we were all in the lounge opening the presents left by Santa. I've uploaded some photos of the kids opening their presents while still in their jim jams!

The "main" present was the Guitar Hero Band for Playstation - it has a guitar, drums and microphone.

Harry made a clay face self portrait at school which he surprised us with on Xmas Day. Karl and I are fighting over who gets to hang in on their office wall!

It was lovely talking on the phone to Miriam, Elaine & Adam, Dee & Bruce, Malcolm and Anne. Also got heaps of Xmas texts from other friends and relatives. Later on we also "skyped" with Elaine and Adam so they could watch the kids using Guitar Hero - loads of laughs!

Lunch was a very quiet affair but nice for a change.

Afterwards Georgia went next door to Bethany's place to play on their new trampoline and ended up staying for dinner. In the end the kids didn't go to bed until 9pm and by then we needed more than a drink or two!

The money the kids received from grandparents, aunts and uncles was burning a hole in their pockets so today (Boxing Day) we braved the crowds and headed into a mall. Harry blew every cent on Lego, DVDs and a Polly Pocket toy. Georgia has only spent a small amount so far (a DVD and silver shoes) as she's trying to persuade Karl and I letting her spend the rest on a mobile phone. Don't fancy her chances ....

We're now looking forward to the arrival of Malcolm, Deborah and girls tomorrow. Should be a good few days!

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