Saturday, December 19, 2009

Cultural Concert 2009

Every year our schools has a cultural concert (aka Christmas Concert) for parents and families to attend. It's quite a big affair with food stands and visit from santa. It is held on the field and every single child participates with their class and perhaps in other special performances as well eg choir, dance groups, kapa haka etc. This year - for the first time - Harry was in the choir and they were both in the dance group! Georgia signed up for the dance group before she realised they would performing at the cultural concert at the end of the year and she almost chickened out. Harry is always looking for ways to be at the centre of attention!

Angela and Harry

Niamh, Franchesca, Georgia


Friday, December 18, 2009

Picnic at the park

Today we had a lovely picnic at Cornwall Park with Elisa and Rosalie. Elisa used to be Harry's therapist and we haven't seen Rosalie since she was just a couple of weeks old. She's very cute and very alert!

Georgia's last disco and last day at primary school!

The night before the last day of the school year there is a special "by invitation only" disco for Year 5 and 6 students at Elm Park School. It's a big deal, especially for the Year 6s! On the final day the Year 6 students are all given a t-shirt that has been designed especially for that year group and has all their names on it. A good deal of that last day is spent wearing those t-shirts and getting as many autographs as possible from teachers and students. There were lots of tears this year as none of Georgia's friends will be going onto the same school as her next year.


Georgia and Franchesca

While I was working in my office yesterday Georgia and Franchesca frolicked in the school pool!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

It must be summer!

Georgia and Harry with friends (and sisters) Niamh and Briana.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

S'winter Playdough by Georgia and Bethany

S'winter is a combination of summer and winter! Bethany made all the winter modelling and I did all the summer ones. The little white blobs on the beach are jandals. The girl in water was surfing when she "wiped out" and that's why the board is upside and she's still attached by the white string! The girl in the sled is sledding in her dress and sunhat! Photos by me!

Our clever girl!

Thursday night was the Year 6 Graduation evening at Elm Park School. Even though it's only the end of primary school the evening is always fairly formal and quite special. Each child goes up and is presented with their graduating certificate by the principal along with any other awards they have earned throughout the year. For example, service to school, sporting achievements etc.


Following that the Excellence Awards are presented to the top achieving students. Georgia was presented with Excellence Awards for Reading, Writing, Inquiry Learning, Information Technology and Art. None of us knew in advance about Georgia's awards although we were hoping for one and thought it would be reading! There were big smiles and lots of tears all around as her award was read out but Karl still managed to capture the moment on video! I'm having trouble uploading this video but will hopefully sort it out as it's awesome to see!

When I've got some time I'll type up the transcript of what was read out when her award was presented.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Harry and Santa

Georgia is too cool for Santa photos these days apparently!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Monday, October 26, 2009

Labour Day

The four of us and Georgia's friend, Bethany, headed off to Sylvia Park this morning. The three kids had a play in the "water walkers" which were a huge hit and caused many laughs. In the afternoon we headed up to the Sky Tower as the weather wasn't so great. As well as great views and afternoon tea in the cafe we also spotted one sky jumper (looking petrified on his way down) and a group of sky walkers (photo below). The kids are now on the playstation and Karl and I are having a well earned drink! All in all a very good day.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fantastic Achievement!

This week the principal presented a small group of children, including Georgia, with their certificates for the ICAS English exam administered through the University of New South Wales. The levels of achievement are participate, credit, distinction and high distinction. Georgia' received distinction which puts her in the top 9% of Year 6 students in New Zealand. Normally low key about this sort of thing, Georgia didn't tell me at all but the next morning I found the certificate had been secretly pinned to the wall in my office! We are very proud of her.

Georgia's 11th Birthday

Last week was Georgia's 11th birthday. Thanks to a "friend's" suggestion (but Karen you know who you are) Georgia had a four hour chocolate themed party at home with a mere 11 girlfriends in attendance! It's Georgia's last year at primary school and because she's heading off to a different school to all her friends next year it was also their last chance to have a bash together!

Luckily for me Elaine and David were staying with us although I'm not sure if they would call it lucky! Once everything was ready, the boys headed out for the afternoon and Elaine stayed to help out which included vacuuming twice during the party! Entertainment included a chocolate fountain (Karen's) with 1kg of chocolate, eating a cake of chocolate game, icing sugar game, the pineapple lump game, watching Twilight and singing to VERY loud music! Elaine and I ended up shutting all the doors in an attempt to block out some of the noise and shut ourselves in the kitchen!

The sickly lunch menu included the usual savouries, chocolate pizza, chocolate fudge and chocolate mousse etc. You get the picture! Karl made both the fudge and the mousse which was a first for him! To top it all off the girls had fun decorating their own cupcakes which were also - you guessed it - chocolate! Thanks to the lovely Leonie for making them! These were put together on a stand and became Georgia's very unique birthday cake!

Finally, at 4pm the girls headed home with their decorated cupcakes and loot bags made by Aunty Elaine! Each bag was decorated with the letter of the girl's first name so there were lots of oohs and ahhhs.

As for presents. There was a dilemma that went on for many weeks but the birthday girl finally decided on an iPod update and it's pretty cool I have to admit! The old iPod shuffle was an 8th birthday present and is apparently completely inadequate for an 11 year old! The new nano takes video so we passed it around a few friends and family to record birthday messages before wrapping it - lots of fun was had! Other gifts from family and friends included cothes, books, money, CDs, gift vouchers etc.

Apologies to those of you who have already seen these photos of Facebook!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Trip Home

What a saga! Desert Road, National Park, Napier-Taupo etc closed on Sunday due to snow. They stayed closed on Monday which was the day we were due to leave. Late Tuesday morning everything was still closed so we made the decision to drive back to Auckland via Wanganui and up SH4. David very kindly agreed to come along with us to help out in case we got stranded so off we set. Surprisingly it was a pretty quiet journey for most of the trip. The scenery was beautiful and there was plenty of snow around so we made a few unscheduled stops! We finally made it to Tokoroa for a late lunch around 4ish and then made it back to Auckland at 7:30pm. Poor David caught the 7:25am train back to Palmy today and isn't due to arrive until 5pm.