Thursday, January 29, 2009

Harry's Haircut

Harry had a haircut today ready to start school on morning. He was VERY well behaved and got a lollipop from the hairdresser!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Georgia went to a scrapbook class this morning and covered four books to take to school next week. Awesome! The plan is she will do the remaining books at home tomorrow afternoon ...

Monday, January 26, 2009

Holidays almost at an end

The holidays are all but over and it's been a real mixture for the kids:
  • Rainbows End
  • Waiwera Hot Pools
  • Movies (Bolt, Madagascar 2, Bedtime Stories)
  • Devonport
  • Play dates with friends
  • Art class
  • Scrapbooking class (cards, tags, boxes)
  • Mission Bay (a few times)
  • Loads of swimming
  • Mini Golf and Driving Range
  • Museum
  • and more ....
Georgia attended art classes at the University of Auckland last week Monday to Thursday. In the mornings they did painting (fruit and veges) and in the after clay work (deer and a bowl). The clay is in for firing so photos will follow later. The fruit and vege painting was done by first drawing and cutting out each item then projecting on an OHP to enlarge and trace. The finished product is amazing and I'm going to hang it in my new office this week!
Last night we headed into Mission Bay - Harry swam in the fountain and in the sea while Georgia did her usual bookworm thing on the picnic rug. We headed home after yummy fish and chips from the Fish Pot Cafe.

This week the kids are off to the holiday programme at our school which won't be too exciting although Georgia is going to a scrapbooking class tomorrow to learn how to cover school books!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Another visit from the tooth fairy

Harry lost his other top front tooth on 6 January!

Girls Day Out

On Xmas Day Santa gave Georgia a certificate for a Girls Day Out with mum including lunch, movies and spending money. Georgia chose yesterday for the big day out! The day started with the girls getting ready - girlie clothes, jewellery, make-up and hair straightening!
We left at lunchtime and went straight to Zarbo in Newmarket for lunch. Georgia had the yummy lasagne and mum had a Thai Chicken Cake. We both had coke to drink as Georgia said it was a special day!

We went into Redcurrent, next door to Zarbo and the first purchase of the day was made - a beautiful hand made leather covered sketch book.
After that we headed up to Two Double Seven and into the newly opened Smiggle shop we'd heard about from Ruth. Georgia chose a 'green theme' and picked out some stationery for school including pencil case, pencils, pens, electric eraser and electric pencil sharpener! She also used the touch screen computer to select a Smiggle "skin" for her iPod Shuffle.
Next we headed off to Sylvia Park for more shopping. We had a look around in Borders and purchased the first Gilda Joyce book and some 39 Clues card packs. There was also a stall making wax hand moulds but we ran out of time to do this before the movie. We stocked up with frozen coke, popcorn, ice cream and lollies (Georia said it was a special day) and hurried in to our prime seats for 'Bedtime Stories'.

We both agree it was a fabulous day and we'd love to do it again soon. Georgia thinks it would be a great thing to do every Christmas!

PS The boys had a nice time at the Auckland Museum visiting Sue the T-Rex so don't feel sorry for them!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Great White Shark Dissection

Today we went along to the Auckland Museum to see the live dissection of a Great White Shark caught accidentally 10 days ago. When we bowled up just after starting time we were amazed to see literally thousands of people already there crowded around the loading bay for the opportunity to see and touch the specimen. Harry and I lined up to touch the shark's skin and teeth but Georgia decided it was too disgusting! Click here to view the two hour movie of the dissection or just check out the clip at around 12-14 minutes to see glimpses of me and Harry waiting to touch the shark ... Harry is wearing a blue cap and green tee-shirt and I'm wearing a white top with sunglasses and my hair pulled back.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Ohope Beach

We left Auckland about 11am after seeing off Malcolm, Deborah and kids, packing and a visit to the petrol station. A quick stop in Cambridge for lunch and the 'scenic route' via Rotorua meant we arrived at Ohope Beach around 4pm.

The Guppies had rented a lovely house right on the beach at the far end of Ocean Road and we were lucky enough to have the downstairs room off the garage to ourselves with its own bathroom.

We spent three gorgous days at the beach with the kids swimming, boogie boarding, building sandcastles and playing cricket. The adults did some of that as well as copious amounts of reading, drinking, eating and playing '500'. At various stages we also caught up with the Guppie friends - Dena and Jeff (Poo); Sandy and Kevin and kids; Lucy, Alex and George.

It was nice to come home and get rid of all the sand and sleep in our own beds after having visitors in the house for four days and then all sleeping in the same room at the beach! Poor Karl is back to work on Monday!

A few days with friends

Malcolm, Deborah, Ruth, Bridgid and Sophia arrived from Adelaide on 27 December. We had a fun few days catching up after not seeing them for more than a year since they moved across the ditch. The kids all got on really well and the parents played '500' with Deborah being declared the overall champ! Georgia and Ruth are just 17 days apart in age and ended up dressing the same and calling themselves twins! Harry is one year older than Bridgid and Sophia and he simply adores them!

It was sad to say goodbye on 31 December as the time went so quick but we had to get straight into packing so we could get to Ohope Beach in time to spend New Year's Eve with the Guppies!