Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Happy Couple

Rebecca and Simon, newly engaged, are up from Christchurch for the weekend and dropped into see us. We'd love to go down for their engagement party on 28 March but not sure if we can wangle it.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Marae Sleepover

Thursday night was very exciting for Harry! Karl took him to the Marae at Edgewater College for a sleepover with his class. They got to ask questions about the Marae, sing songs, play stick games and have supper before heading to bed (mattresses on the floor) about 10pm. When asked the next morning if he had a good time, Karl said 'the last kid went to sleep at 12:15am and the first one woke at 5am, we slept on the floor - what do you think?" Not sure if that's a yes or no? After breakfast Karl came home for a shower before heading to work while Harry and his class stayed on until 2:30pm. We were only at home an hour or so before heading back out for Harry to attend Jack's 8th birthday party. Georgia and I went shopping while Harry had an awesome time with swimming, water bombs, pizza and birthday cake! He slept well last night!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Waiwera Hot Pools

Yesterday we drove up to Waiwera Hot Pools for the day. We packed up the car with a picnic, books, iPods, rugs, togs and towels. It was a stinking hot day and quite humid. We arrived early enough to grab a good spot on the grass with a table and shade. The kids had an awesome day going down the hydro-slides with names like Kids Chute, Black Hole, The Twister, Short and Sharp, Cut Buster, The Squeeze, Bob's Mistake and Speed Slide. Karl and I went down the Short and Sharp with the kids and that was enough for me (2nd photo)! Georgia took great pleasure in telling me that it's a slide for little kids but I think I shot down it 100kph! After that I was happy to spend the rest of the day reading with icy cold drinks on hand. Both kids also spent a bit of time in the pool with the giant movie screen! Just before we left we all had a Rush Munroe's ice-cream - still as good as I remember!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My new office

After spending years in a shared office that used to be the cloakroom and toilet I am very lucky to have moved into a brand new office with brand new furniture! It's amazing what a difference it makes to the way I feel about going to work in the mornings! My favourites are the "smile" chairs and the jelly bean shaped desk! Georgia's painting has pride of place and gets loads of comments. I even have a big window looking straight into our new library so I can see everyone coming and going!