Saturday, February 14, 2009

Marae Sleepover

Thursday night was very exciting for Harry! Karl took him to the Marae at Edgewater College for a sleepover with his class. They got to ask questions about the Marae, sing songs, play stick games and have supper before heading to bed (mattresses on the floor) about 10pm. When asked the next morning if he had a good time, Karl said 'the last kid went to sleep at 12:15am and the first one woke at 5am, we slept on the floor - what do you think?" Not sure if that's a yes or no? After breakfast Karl came home for a shower before heading to work while Harry and his class stayed on until 2:30pm. We were only at home an hour or so before heading back out for Harry to attend Jack's 8th birthday party. Georgia and I went shopping while Harry had an awesome time with swimming, water bombs, pizza and birthday cake! He slept well last night!