Sunday, February 8, 2009

Waiwera Hot Pools

Yesterday we drove up to Waiwera Hot Pools for the day. We packed up the car with a picnic, books, iPods, rugs, togs and towels. It was a stinking hot day and quite humid. We arrived early enough to grab a good spot on the grass with a table and shade. The kids had an awesome day going down the hydro-slides with names like Kids Chute, Black Hole, The Twister, Short and Sharp, Cut Buster, The Squeeze, Bob's Mistake and Speed Slide. Karl and I went down the Short and Sharp with the kids and that was enough for me (2nd photo)! Georgia took great pleasure in telling me that it's a slide for little kids but I think I shot down it 100kph! After that I was happy to spend the rest of the day reading with icy cold drinks on hand. Both kids also spent a bit of time in the pool with the giant movie screen! Just before we left we all had a Rush Munroe's ice-cream - still as good as I remember!


New Zealand said...

Thank you for visiting Waiwera, my favorite place in New Zealand. I cannot think of any place better to live and work.
Please come again and next time I will arrange a complimentary Spa for you and your family.
You have " Gotta love NZ"
Have a great weekend.

Margot said...

I have heard from a friend here in Christchurch that Waiwera Spa Resort is a fabulous location to visit. Thanks.

John D Brown said...

Thanks Margot,
come and visit, say you are from Christchurch bring the family and we will give your children a free entry ask for John and quote your blog entry at the front desk, we love people from Christchurch my second favorite city in New Zealand,


precious3n7 said...

Hey we'er visiting Waiwera hot pools this saturday. Looking foward to it. :)