Sunday, April 19, 2009

Tree Climbing

Cameron, Gabrielle and Georgia had a grand time climbing a tree down by the beach.

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Ken, Debbie & the kids

We headed off to see Ken, Debbie and the kids for three days on Easter Sunday and it was bliss! Heaps of laughs, food, alcohol and happy kids - what more could you want? Georgia and Gabrielle disappeared for the whole three days and we barely saw them. Alex and Cameron were incredible with Harry and patiently played on the Wii with him many times. We even managed to catch up with Rebecca before she headed off on camp for the week.

On Monday we went for a "stroll" which ended up being slightly longer than we anticipated! Georgia ended up on her bottom in the river then walking back to the car sopping wet! You can only imagine the dramas that went with that ...

Tuesday was a slower pace - we headed down to the skate park and playground in the morning then off to Porirua for shopping in the afternoon. Karl cooked rice rissotto for dinner - yum!

It was really sad to say goodbye on Wednesday but good to be starting the journey home. Just one more night in Palmy to catch up with everyone then home on Thursday.

Johnston Family Bash

We had a family get together at Easter and here are the photos to prove it! It was great to catch up with loads of Johnston cousins - some I've not seen in years and some I'd never met before!
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Rosie and Harry go to Kelly Tarlton's!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Mum!


Visitors from Switzerland

Christian and Annelese (from Switzerland) stayed for a few days in March before heading off for a two and half week holiday around NZ in a rental car. They came back the night before flying out but (long story) ended up missing their flight and staying on for an extra three nights! They are both foodies so much time was spent talking about food, buying food, cooking food, photographing food and eating food! A bit of sightseeing was also squeezed in. It's now over three weeks since they first arrived in the country and we are still working our way through the massive amount of Swiss chocolate they gave us!