Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mark Inglis Visit

We had a special visitor today at Elm Park School. As part of the NZ Post Book Awards, Mark Inglis paid us a visit to talk about his book 'High-tech Legs on Everest', a finalist in the competition.

Mark is an inspirational speaker and had his audience of 250 8-11 years olds mesmerised for more than an hour. The highlight for the kids was when Mark removed one of his prosthetics and showed them his stump!

Questions were varied and included gems such as 'How do you go to the toilet when you're stuck in an ice cave?" and "Will your legs grow back?"

At the end of the session I was lucky enough to spend some time with Mark and give him a lift into town. He's a special person and we were very lucky to get the opportunity to meet him. Good luck at the book awards next week Mark!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Harry's Big Weekend

Harry is exhausted. Friday night he attended his first ever school disco. He was so excited about going I couldn't persuade him that he wouldn't like it. Dark hall, loads of screaming kids, loud music etc. He went along and enjoyed himself at first but was over it after about an hour. Unfortunately we had to stay til the end as Georgia was also there. He told me the loud music made him feel sick!

Next was a birthday party on Sunday morning. Angela is a girl in Harry's class and she was turning 9. There were 6 girls and Harry! When he walked in the door they all rushed up screaming "Harry" and gave him hugs - it was gorgeous. He had a ball - loads of junk food, a "fun zone" with video games (his favourite was Deal or No Deal) and two games of laser strike. Harry won Mr Trigger Happy and Most Accurate Player!!!

No photos this time sorry - Joe Sing had a few senior moments this weekend!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Let the games begin

This week Georgia joined her first netball team, had her first practice on Thursday night and played her first game today playing Wing Defence! Of course the morning was freezing cold and pouring with rain ...
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Habour Walk

Last weekend we all went for a walk along the harbour in Onehunga. It was a bit chilly with the odd spot of rain! Harry was heard to say "Can I go and pick the pretty flowers?" as we walked past the cemetary! He eventually found some plastic daffodils blowing around on the path although we took them over to the cemetary later.