Friday, January 29, 2010

Ohope Beach

On 14 January we headed off to a rental house at Ohope Beach for a week and what a time we had! The weather was pretty fabulous and we were staying across the road from the (very quiet) beach, a mere 2 minute walk away. Every morning was spent at the beach, sometimes the afternoon too, and the kids filled in many hours burying each other, making sand castles, body boarding etc. In between we visited the corn maze, went strawberry picking, swimming at the Whakatane aquatic centre, ate a lot of BBQ food and caught a few sightings of Moko the dolphin! On our last night the heavens opened and the rain started, it still hadn't stopped when we left about 10am the next day but we were happy!

Harry and Holly

First day at Baradene College

Georgia had an orientation afternoon at her new school this week - meet the teacher and find your classroom sort of thing. She was a bit nervous although wouldn't admit it and it must be scary not knowing anyone. Still the thing she was worried about the most was the uniform - it was a very hot and humid day and she has to wear the long, lined black skirt and the lined black blazer! She was still complaining about the uniform when she got home but was a lot happier having met her teacher, seen the classroom etc. When asked what her classroom was like she announced with disgust, "We have spinning chairs but there isn't even one computer!" Oh dear ....

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Xmas Holiday Last Days

While in Palmy we stayed with Anne and Nathan and it was the first time Karl and Harry had been to their awesome new house. It was a quiet few days as we were all feeling pretty tired but we managed to squeeze in a few movies - Lovely Bones for Anne and Belinda, Alvin and the Chipmunks for Karl and Harry, Princess and the Frog for Miriam and Georgia. Also managed to catch up with Jennifer and Alastair as well as Ma and Pa briefly. We had a fantastic last day up at Kowhai Park in Wanganui with the rellies. It was only a little windy but very sunny and hot. We had a picnic and the kids were barely sitting for 5 minutes as there was so much to do! We had to drag them away to go home for a BBQ with Anne and Nathan. We left early on Monday morning and arrived in Auckland by 3pm. It was a wonderful two weeks seeing many loved ones but it was sooooo nice to finally sleep in our own beds last night. Now we have to recharge our batteries so we are ready for a week at Ohope Beach later in the month!

Kowhai Park


Xmas Holiday Days 7 to 11

The weather in Wellington was dreadful when we drove off the ferry - raining and cold like a winter's day. We stopped off in Johnsonville for lunch then headed straight to Paraparaumu Beach, this time to stay for a few days. It was very kind of Alex to give up his room for us, for Rebecca to move out entirely and for Cameron and Sage to share their room with Harry. Georgia and Gabrielle disappeared and we hardly saw either of them for the whole visit. All the kids did a great job of playing with and including Harry which was a joy to see. The days consisted of lots of swimming, eating and drinking with a few other highlights thrown in - a fair at Queen Elizabeth park, kite flying at the beach, a day trip into Wellington (to visit Te Papa, cable car etc) and visiting Jude, Clifton, Morgan and Mikaela in Whitby. We also spent a bit of time rearranging furniture but that's another whole post in itself ... New Year's Eve saw the house sleep the usual four adults but the number of children rose to 13 at last count ... The evening peaked when 12 of the 13 kids jumped in the pool at the stroke of midnight! We left on New Year's Day and headed for Palmerston North.



Hanging out by the pool

New Year's Eve

Xmas Holiday Days 2 to 7

On the afternoon of Day 2 we headed down to Wellington and hopped on the ferry. Unfortunately it was a choppy crossing! Georgia was absolutely fine, Karl and I were both queasy and green but Harry was worst of all and threw up five times! We managed to fit in a few extras while in Picton besides catching up with Karl's parents - cherry picking, shopping, chocolate factory, swimming at the motel, WW1 airplane museum, mini golf (of course) and fun playing down at the waterfront. Thankfully the return crossing on the 27th was smooth!

Cherry picking at Blenheim:

It was a bit chilly in the motel pool ...


Harry and Grandma

Christmas Day

Ferry crossing back to Wellington