Friday, January 29, 2010

Ohope Beach

On 14 January we headed off to a rental house at Ohope Beach for a week and what a time we had! The weather was pretty fabulous and we were staying across the road from the (very quiet) beach, a mere 2 minute walk away. Every morning was spent at the beach, sometimes the afternoon too, and the kids filled in many hours burying each other, making sand castles, body boarding etc. In between we visited the corn maze, went strawberry picking, swimming at the Whakatane aquatic centre, ate a lot of BBQ food and caught a few sightings of Moko the dolphin! On our last night the heavens opened and the rain started, it still hadn't stopped when we left about 10am the next day but we were happy!

Harry and Holly

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Deborah said...

Those photos make me full of happy. The kids look like they are having a fabulous time.