Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Xmas Holiday Last Days

While in Palmy we stayed with Anne and Nathan and it was the first time Karl and Harry had been to their awesome new house. It was a quiet few days as we were all feeling pretty tired but we managed to squeeze in a few movies - Lovely Bones for Anne and Belinda, Alvin and the Chipmunks for Karl and Harry, Princess and the Frog for Miriam and Georgia. Also managed to catch up with Jennifer and Alastair as well as Ma and Pa briefly. We had a fantastic last day up at Kowhai Park in Wanganui with the rellies. It was only a little windy but very sunny and hot. We had a picnic and the kids were barely sitting for 5 minutes as there was so much to do! We had to drag them away to go home for a BBQ with Anne and Nathan. We left early on Monday morning and arrived in Auckland by 3pm. It was a wonderful two weeks seeing many loved ones but it was sooooo nice to finally sleep in our own beds last night. Now we have to recharge our batteries so we are ready for a week at Ohope Beach later in the month!

Kowhai Park


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Deborah said...

Kowhai Park is the best playground in the world. We stopped there too, on our way up to New Plymouth.