Sunday, September 12, 2010

Harry's choir performance

On 1st and 2nd September Harry performed with the Elm Park School choir at the local music festival along with choirs from other primary and intermediate schools. We were so proud when the the Elm Park School choir sang 'Africa'. Check out the video below but you'll have to excuse the shaking as Harry sings his solo 'do do wah' in the chorus - I could hardly see through the tears! Harry is 3rd from the left in the second to front row - just to the right of the teacher.

Grandma went into hospital on the Tuesday and couldn't come along so Harry did a repeat performance of 'I have a dream' at the hospital for her on Friday afternoon.


Deborah said...

He's great! And the choir is great! I was so impressed by the woman leading the choir, and the way she got all the kids doing the rubbing and clicking and clapping.

Anonymous said...

Hi Belinda,

You must be really proud, he sure has come a long way. We really enjoyed the item.

Well done Harry and friends.

Love from Chris and Terry

Elaine said...

Hi Belinda, Both David & I have only just been able to watch this video of Harry singing and I must say, he bought a tear to my eye also. Grandma would have been so happy & proud of him (as we all are). The whole choir were just great and credit must go to the teacher also. She did a great job!

Lots of love - Elaine & David