Monday, December 6, 2010

New House

In case you haven't heard - we've finally bought a new house! Well new to us anyway! It's in Onehunga, about two minutes walk from where we are renting and it is going to require major amounts of work after we move in!

Check out the photos below. We don't actually move in until around 19 January so these are the photos with the belongings of the current owners. Some of the work we hope to do over time includes:
  • a new kitchen
  • adding on another living area
  • moving the garage to make room for the new room!
  • moving the cute ex-water tank that has been converted into a small shed!
  • adding a gate at the end of the property (look for the trellis) so we have our own entrance to the park/reserve that is behind us!
Will keep you posted with photos as we tick off a few jobs in the next few months ...

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Deborah said...

We've bought a house too. Settling on 25 January, and needing some work...