Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Harry's Year 6 Graduation

Last night Harry had his Year 6 graduation at Elm Park School and he received commendations for cultural activities and service to school. There was a ceremony for around 100 students followed by very proper two course dinner afterwards. Of course it was Harry's second evening meal - not that you would ever know by the way he scoffed it all down. A very exciting evening indeed!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Harry's Cultural Concert

Last night was our the last time we had one of our little darlings performing in the annual Cultural Concert at Elm Park School. Next year Harry will be at his new school so it is the end of an era ... It seemed fitting that Harry had two special roles last night. First up he performed the haka with his class. Later, the last act of the night was the whole school singing 'The World in Union' and Harry was one of only two students with a solo part - this was a real highlight for us!

Georgia managed to catch up with some old friends and Santa turned up as usual. A good night was had by all.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Georgia's 13th birthday

The last Friday of the October school holidays was Georgia's 13th birthday. Her main present was a keyboard as she has started piano lessons again and a break for a few years. We also got her some bright organe headphone to plug into the keyboard!!!!

At Georgia's request we had bought tickets for the four of us to go to the Rugby World Cup Bronze Final game that night. Once the teams were known (Australia vs Wales) we visited every Warehouse and $2 Shop we could but had no luck finding any Wales gear to wear on the night.

We ended up with some red face paint and a few red bits and pieces. It was an adventure getting there on the train and bus then walking in with the crowd but it was an incredible atmosphere. I guess there were some Australian supporters there somewhere but we couldn't see or hear them!!!

Harry @ Camp

Last week Harry and Karl headed off for a school camp on the North Shore. It was only for three days and two nights but one of them was Karl's 49th birthday!!!! Harry had the time of his life and Karl even participated in the father skit for the Talent Show!!!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Monday, August 22, 2011

Art Show

Next week there's an Art Show at school and the kids will be walking down a runway displaying the art pieces they have made. Harry's class have been making skateboards and today the official photos were taken!

Speech and Drama Competitions

What a marathon weekend but worth it I think! It's only been two terms since Georgia started Speech and Drama classes so we had no idea what to expect. Georgia was entered into a half dozen different events although we didn't expect to get any placings as most of the participants were experienced competitors and this was Georgia's first time.

We were very excited when Georgia was placed third for Mime and third for Duologue (pairs performing an extract).

Mime Report: Cleaning up a mess
You establish character and situation clearly and effectively. Nice touches of humour. Watch object permanence - we need to see exactly where your equipment comes from and what happens to it. Aim to end firmly. A well shaped, imaginative exploration of the theme. Promising work. 82/100 = 3rd

Duologue Report: Food
Appropriate costumes which reflect the differences between the characters. Nice interaction between the two characters. A pleasing energy here. You recover well from prompt. Comedy of situation clearly conveyed. Inventive movements. Firmly ended. Entertaining! 84/100 = 3rd

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Palmy Trip

Glorious fluffy snow on the drive from Palmerston North to Auckland yesterday ...

Karl cooking dinner wearing a head lamp during a power cut ...
A visit to the very cold and windy 'Wind Farm' ...

A farm visit with Nathan ...

Dinner at the Genghis Khan for Anne's birthday ...

Harry's 11th Birthday Part 2

Dinner at Orbit Restaurant in the Sky Tower ...

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Happy 11th Birthday Harry!!!

Six kids, two adults and eight hours at a cold and wet Rainbow's End - sound like fun? Actually it was!!!! The weather was really good until mid afternoon when it cooled right down and we had a few minutes of heavy rain. The 6th kid was Georgia but she wouldn't go in the photos! That was yesterday.

Today is the actual birthday and Harry had fun opening his presents after negotiating with us last night to wake us at 7:15am! Some Lego, a drum and a few other bits and pieces from Mum and Dad, The Twits from Georgia, some Cars 2 Lego from Elaine and Barbara, cash from Ruth and Mike, cash from Mrs A, a worm farm from Briana and a few vouchers from some friends.

So today he wants to go on a shopping spree and then tonight we're off to the Sky Tower for dinner!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Go Georgia!

Woo hoo! Georgia played Goal Shoot for the first time EVER at netball tonight and guess what? She got seven goals and her team won 8-7. We are all amazed but the only thing is that both parents missed the game. It was the only netball game we have missed all season - typical! No photos sorry.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Georgia's Year 8 Social

Georgia is at her Year 8 (Form 2) Social tonight. There is only one social held every year. She was excited about going but even more excited about getting her hair cut and straightened!