Monday, August 22, 2011

Speech and Drama Competitions

What a marathon weekend but worth it I think! It's only been two terms since Georgia started Speech and Drama classes so we had no idea what to expect. Georgia was entered into a half dozen different events although we didn't expect to get any placings as most of the participants were experienced competitors and this was Georgia's first time.

We were very excited when Georgia was placed third for Mime and third for Duologue (pairs performing an extract).

Mime Report: Cleaning up a mess
You establish character and situation clearly and effectively. Nice touches of humour. Watch object permanence - we need to see exactly where your equipment comes from and what happens to it. Aim to end firmly. A well shaped, imaginative exploration of the theme. Promising work. 82/100 = 3rd

Duologue Report: Food
Appropriate costumes which reflect the differences between the characters. Nice interaction between the two characters. A pleasing energy here. You recover well from prompt. Comedy of situation clearly conveyed. Inventive movements. Firmly ended. Entertaining! 84/100 = 3rd

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