Friday, November 11, 2011

Georgia's 13th birthday

The last Friday of the October school holidays was Georgia's 13th birthday. Her main present was a keyboard as she has started piano lessons again and a break for a few years. We also got her some bright organe headphone to plug into the keyboard!!!!

At Georgia's request we had bought tickets for the four of us to go to the Rugby World Cup Bronze Final game that night. Once the teams were known (Australia vs Wales) we visited every Warehouse and $2 Shop we could but had no luck finding any Wales gear to wear on the night.

We ended up with some red face paint and a few red bits and pieces. It was an adventure getting there on the train and bus then walking in with the crowd but it was an incredible atmosphere. I guess there were some Australian supporters there somewhere but we couldn't see or hear them!!!

Harry @ Camp

Last week Harry and Karl headed off for a school camp on the North Shore. It was only for three days and two nights but one of them was Karl's 49th birthday!!!! Harry had the time of his life and Karl even participated in the father skit for the Talent Show!!!