Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Harry studying hard at school

The principal sent these photos through today.  Taken during independent study time at school a few weeks ago.  Riveting stuff apparently ...

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Poor Jaguar ...

After a week living at the vet's and an $800 bill Jaguar returned  home looking a little worse for wear.  The vet thinks he was attached by another cat as there was a bit on his back that got infected.  It was very deep and required surgery.  Even when he came home he wasn't allowed outside for a few more days and it drove him nuts.  He's back to normal now although there is still a slightly bald patch ....

Father's Day 2012

Father's Day this year started off traditionally with the whole family in bed together giving Karl his presents.  There was a slight twist on tradition for breakfast - Karl cooked delicious french toast for everyone else - oops!

We also went out for a late lunch at De Fontein in Mission Bay - a favourite of Karl's because of the beer varieties they sell.  For the compulsory Sunday afternoon ice-cream the kids chose KiwiYo also in Mission Bay.  You get to select your own self serve frozen yoghurt, toppings, sauces etc.   Talk about kids in a lolly shop!!!

But I hate nature !!!

For a few months now Georgia has been saving up to buy a new laptop - she's not spent a cent of her pocket money and is also doing extra jobs on top of the usual chores.  One Saturday morning a few weeks ago we asked her to do some weeding and she was not impressed!  She was overheard to mutter "But I HATE nature!" indignantly which earned her ample sympathy - not!!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Georgia's Year 9 Social

Friday night was Georgia's Year 9 Social.  The occasion called for a new dress (of course), hair straightening by Mum (goes without saying) and even make-up!  She went along with a group of friends and despite dancing all night long Georgia declared it was too long.  Apparently three hours is one hour too much for a social.  Unfortunately, this is the last school social now until the Year 12 Ball as the school feels they interfere too much with the girls' studies!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Harry's 12th Birthday

Last Wednesday was Harry's 12th birthday.  He was still on school holidays so he got to choose what he did for the day and his choice was to go to Elm Park School with mum!  He spent the day helping out, delivering to classrooms and catching up with some old friends.  At lunchtime we rushed down to Pakuranga Plaza and he spent some of his birthday money on some Skylander figurines.

That night he was allowed to choose what we did for dinner.  He has several favourite restaurants and also favourite meals we cook but instead chose to get Wendys takeaways and eat them at home while watching Masterchef Australia!!!!  Afterwards we all had a go playing Skylander on the Wii.

All in all, a pretty perfect day from Harry's perspective!

Harry's 12th Birthday on PhotoPeach

Bromleys in Auckland

It was so much fun to finally meet Hannah while the Bromleys were in Auckland recently.  She is adorable and so placid.  Harry took a real shine to Hannah and even Georgia eventually warmed up!

Bromleys in Auckland on PhotoPeach

Easter @ Mt Maunganui

Tree Adventures

Georgia and Harry both love going to Tree Adventures and we've been a few times this year.  The parents are too chicken to have a go but we usually manage to persuade a friend or two to come along and share the fun!

Book Character Day

Back in term one Harry dressed up as Harry Potter for Book Character Day at school.  Of course he knew all of the spells off by heart ...

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Harry's First Day

8 February was Harry's first day at Mt Hobson Middle School. He was very excited to start but not so happy about getting his photo taken in his new uniform! So far the new school has been a big hit and he's loving the variety of activities including weekly swimming lessons at the pool in Newmarket, borrowing books from Epsom library (the school is too small to have their own library) and weekly music lessons at the School of Rock!

Thursday, January 5, 2012