Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Harry studying hard at school

The principal sent these photos through today.  Taken during independent study time at school a few weeks ago.  Riveting stuff apparently ...

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Poor Jaguar ...

After a week living at the vet's and an $800 bill Jaguar returned  home looking a little worse for wear.  The vet thinks he was attached by another cat as there was a bit on his back that got infected.  It was very deep and required surgery.  Even when he came home he wasn't allowed outside for a few more days and it drove him nuts.  He's back to normal now although there is still a slightly bald patch ....

Father's Day 2012

Father's Day this year started off traditionally with the whole family in bed together giving Karl his presents.  There was a slight twist on tradition for breakfast - Karl cooked delicious french toast for everyone else - oops!

We also went out for a late lunch at De Fontein in Mission Bay - a favourite of Karl's because of the beer varieties they sell.  For the compulsory Sunday afternoon ice-cream the kids chose KiwiYo also in Mission Bay.  You get to select your own self serve frozen yoghurt, toppings, sauces etc.   Talk about kids in a lolly shop!!!

But I hate nature !!!

For a few months now Georgia has been saving up to buy a new laptop - she's not spent a cent of her pocket money and is also doing extra jobs on top of the usual chores.  One Saturday morning a few weeks ago we asked her to do some weeding and she was not impressed!  She was overheard to mutter "But I HATE nature!" indignantly which earned her ample sympathy - not!!