Sunday, September 16, 2012

But I hate nature !!!

For a few months now Georgia has been saving up to buy a new laptop - she's not spent a cent of her pocket money and is also doing extra jobs on top of the usual chores.  One Saturday morning a few weeks ago we asked her to do some weeding and she was not impressed!  She was overheard to mutter "But I HATE nature!" indignantly which earned her ample sympathy - not!!


Deborah said...

Like. Also, I'm going to show this to Ruth, who is saving for an iPad.

Belinda said...

I'm almost going to be disappointed when Georgia has saved up enough money for the laptop! She usually does the dishwasher everyday and brings in the washing on the line etc. These days she also regularly does the vacuuming, dusting and helps with gardening chores like weeding, hedge trimming etc. Here's hoping she is equally motivated to save up for something else soon!