Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Harry's 13th birthday

For his 13th birthday Harry went to Rainbow's End with a few friends - just for a change.  Actually, he has gone to Rainbow's End for at least the last four birthdays!  This time he took Nick, Leon, Patrick and Lachlan.  The weather was cold and there was occasional rain but fun was had by all.

On his actual birthday we had Gabbie staying with us and Karl took the day off work.  Harry finally got his very own iPhone - although it was previously mine, then passed onto Georgia and now finally Harry has it. Definitely got our money's worth for that one!  He also got his scooter pimped out and some gift cards and vouchers from friends and family.  He was very happy indeed with this haul.

Harry got to choose where we went for lunch and he chose Tasca, a Spanish tapas bar in Newmarket.  Next we all went to see Despicable Me 2 followed by a visit to Harry's favourite ice cream shop - Kiwiyo.  For dinner Karl cooked steak, Harry's favourite meal and we ate it watching the DVD 'Wreck-it Ralph'.  The perfect day for Harry!

Thanks to everyone for all the cards, gifts and birthday wishes.  xoxo

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