Sunday, September 1, 2013

Father's Day 2013

The day started off with home made brunch then presents followed by a family game of Mario Kart!  Off shortly for a walk around Devonport, drive-by 'The Block' houses and yummy gelato!  The end of the day to be marked by Karl's world famous pork spare ribs (which he has to cook even though it's Father's Day).  Mmmmmmmm.

St Kent's Social

Georgia went to the St Kentigern's social a few weeks ago.  She danced so much the next day her legs muscles were aching!!!

Georgia & Olivia

Remember that kid's party game where you have a lolly on top of a mountain of icing sugar?  Everyone takes a turn to cut a slice out of the mountain and the person who causes it to collapse has to eat the lolly without hands?  Well apparently even big kids like to play this game - even when there's no party!!!